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Director Victor Milt's
controvertial afterword


NEWS FLASH:  We are proud to announce that Victor Milt's "Cracker - the last cowboys of Florida" was selected as the opening documentary at the Jacksonville International Film Festival and has been made an official selection at the Tupelo Film Festival in Mississippi among others.

I'm also please to tell you we won the "Florida's Best Film" award at both the Central Florida Film Fest in Orlando AND the Delray Beach Film Fest.

Thank you all for your continued support.

The Jacksonville International Film Festival is one of the hottest up and coming international film festivals in the world. "Crackers" was chosen for screening from thousands of international entries - we consider it a great honor to be recognized in this manner.
The northern Florida premiere of "Crackers" will be held at the Jacksonville festival, on May 17th, 2008 and again on May 18th, at the Jacksonville Public Library, in Jacksonville Florida. Check Festival information to get exact times and street address. The public is invited to attend, and we hope we will see you there.
During the same week, we are priviledged to be screening as an official selection of the Tupelo Film Festival in Mississippi. Screening details to be released shortly.


A few centuries ago, this long, lovely land, this warm green finger of North American was in every sense a natural paradise, and those who inhabited this paradise depended on it to provide their living without destroying it. The Crackers and cow hunters of Florida worked with nature not against it, respecting and nurturing the land and it’s creatures – a hallowed devotion handed down generation to generation.


Then, a subtle greediness crept in with land developers, who destroyed the gentleness, the holiness of the land.


We, as a people, have been slow in recognizing and realizing the depth of the carnage we have allowed to spread over this rich land. Truth is, it’s all come about in just shy of one century. Because of what we’ve done – or not done – it’s agonizing to even think of the hopes and reams that won’t come true.


If we don’t come to terms with the pillage we’ve inflicted on the land, it’s water and air and agriculture in general… we’ll be in more trouble than we can even comprehend.


Like the little child that leads us, this documentary can wake us to the devastation we have caused – and to vow that we can and will restore at least – in part – this land of the free and home of the brave.


Dramatically and beautifully photographed, “Cracker – the last cowboys of Florida”, documents their work, their play, their families, their very belief in the good earth.


All is not lost… yet. But all will be lost if we refuse to see and feel what we’ve already done. The subculture of Florida Crackers lives not only on the land, but with the land, with the cattle, with the horses and with everything that goes with ranching.  A Crackers’ life encompasses arduous work from sunup to sundown, but also includes the wonders and beauty to the land.


Each of us can contribute to save the greatest country on earth, but only if we are determined to do so, remembering that time is limited.


This documentary must not be a eulogy for a way of life that is rapidly fading away.
Nov. 19, 2007 ~ Barbara Oehlbeck

"CRACKER - the last cowboys of Florida" is a movie depicting the life of the ranchers and cattlemen and women in the state of Florida - the second largest cattle ranching state in the USA.
Covering every aspect of their lives - from the prairies to the corrals to the rodeos and the small town parades, this movie explores a way of life that is rapidly disappearing, after 250 years of existance.
But more importantly, it reveals the danger in the loss of the Florida prairie to urban sprawl - the wholesale destruction of the wilderness and conversion to unfettered construction. Technology has allowed the rapid conversion of forest and ranchland to "martini ranches"; tiny one acre houses with no plan for sustenance and no regard for the future.
This movie, hopefully will help the public, the government and the developers themselves to see a better way - a sustainable future that we can leave to our children and posterity forever.

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