Victor Milt, DGA


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With a fashion career that started with spreads in Ingenue, Glamour, Seventeen and Vogue, Victor Milt has also expanded to industrial (ATT, Levitt & Sons, Allied Signal among others) as well as architectural photography.

His portrait photography has included such luminaries as Dennis Hopper, Sam Waterston, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee and corporate heads including Bill Levit, Peter Franks, and Donald Trump.

Fashion photography is an unusual artform, combining technique and talent with style and technical excellence. There are not too many people available who combine the artistry required with the years of experience you need to assure a beautiful outcome.

Victor Milt has been a leader in advertising and fashion photography for over 30 years. At the age of twenty-three he was shooting spreads for Glamour, Ingenue, GQ and Vogue. His national television commercials are not only well known - they are iconic. Juan Valdez, Time/Life Books, Irish Spring - "the double deodorant soap", Aim High - these are words and images that are burned into the collective subconcious of America, and represent a tiny percentage of the advertising created, shot and directed by Milt. A member of the esteemed Director's Guild of America, he has won over 80 national gold awards for photography, cinematography and directing. If you are seeking talent and experience, your search is ended.

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