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Makes a great gift

Americans have become obsessed with their problems.

In Quit Whining, Victor Milt examines the societal forces that have coerced Americans into complaining about every aspect of their lives. He step by step leads you to understand why you and so many people that you know, find yourselves in a state of dissatisfaction all the time, and then shows you how to stop feeling that way.

Your friends are whining. Your children are whining. Your family whines. And you whine all the time. It makes you want to scream, "Don't- no whine - stop please."
Quit Whining studies the causes and solutions of the myriad of non-existent problems that consume us, and then suggests concrete paths to their elimination.

It's really a simple formula; Change It, Leave It or Accept It. But it's one that will allow you to finally leave your anxieties behind. You'll wake up to a happier and more productive existence. Break the chains that society has used to bind your behavior, your moods, your career and your life. Get along better with your spouse, your kids, your friends and your boss.