Victor Milt, DGA


Victor Milt's industrial career started when he was only 23 years old, with the annual report for Levitt and Sons, builders of Levittowns all over the northeastern seaboard of the U.S. Over the years he has added fashion photography and TV commerical production to a long list of award winning accomplishiments.

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Corporate and industrial videos and still photography               
We have won dozens of awards for our corporate work for scores of national and international clients including:
 AT&T, Sears, Pepsi , Peperidge Farms, Armani, Grand Union, Landis Tools,
Edwards Technology, and many others.                              


In both 2003 and 2004 we designed, in conjunction with Next Millenium Productions, an interactive training program to teach the in-store sales staff of Armani and Armani Exchange, the new and current line of clothing. Since styles change on a quarterly basis, it is imperative for the staff to be "up-to-date". With this program, the staff was taught, scored and rewarded for effort.

We created the entire interactive sales program for Allied Signal's DataTrak, a high-end laptop computer system. Targeted at a very specific audience of specialized engineers in the oil and aircraft industries, this CD not only served as the first "mail launch and announcement" of the product, it also was featured at trade shows, where the staff would set up a dozen laptops with the disc running, for immediate point of purchase sales.

We created the first sales video introducing Digital transmission of data for AT&T.
This revolutionary technology, which today is commonplace was extremely difficult to understand for the average executive, who was the targeted audience. The size of the corporate investments requried to switch from analog to digital was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
To bring this highly technical concept to life, we utitlized the famous Bill Baird puppets to animate a flight through digital space. Concept, desing and execution by Victor Milt.

In 2002 we created a major international sales campaign for Honeywell Chemicals division. In one interactive CD-ROM we were able to distribute over 1,200 pages of interactive sales and safety text. We also spent a month shooting chemical refineries, and satisfied custormers, all over the eastern seaboard of the Untied States. These were edited into a series of short sales and introductory videos, also available on the same CD.

For a number of years, we produced interactive sales and training video CD's for Pepperidge Farms Bakeries. These included interviews with top executives and the CEO of the company, and were distributed nationallly to Pepperidge Farm sales outlets. In one of these CD's we helped launch the fabulously successful "Goldfish" cracker, which shortly became one of the largest selling items in the Pepperidge Farm system.

We created the first in-store point-of-purchase video sales display of the Prodigy technology for Sears. This helped to launch an industry - before the internet was an everyday word.

...many more. List on request.



In 2004 we created this effective campaign for GE Security, advertising their Enterprise Security Conference, held in Hollywood, FL, June of 2003. It entailed four days of shooting with three video crews. We wrote produced and edited the entire job. Attendence at the conference increased nearly 30% from prior yeas, notwithsanding a sizable increse in ticket cost.

We have had the pleasure of servicing Sears for over a decade.

The Home Improvement division wanted a unique video to encourage new home sales recruits. This unusual video presentation (which is a lot of fun to watch) has been distributed to every Sears Home Improvement office in the USA. The response to it has been phenomenal, and the sales force has increased to over 2,000 specialized individuals.

We then helped create training videos for that very force. (Available on request)

In 2002 we helped convert Sears national home improvement sales teams, from printed flip books to  interactive laptop sales. Closing rates increased up to 30%.

Every year since we have upgraded and improved this amazing sales tool. This year we added HVAC to the menu (which covers Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors and Kitchen Cabinetry) and are currently in process of translating the entire presentation of over 250 interactive pages to Spanish.

There are currently over 2,000 sales people using the "Laptop Assistant" to sell Sears Home Improvement products.

Demo disc available upon request.


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