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We were the first on MTV!

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My wife Kim had been a blues singer in New York from the mid-70's playing in such great venues as the Bottom Line, Pearl's Place, the Prince Street bar and many others.
She stopped singing to have a baby and towards the end of 1979, said she'd like to get back into the  swing of it, but as a Rock singer. At the time, my career was wailing, we had access to crews, equipment, labs and money. I had just completed a series of videos for David Bowie and a bunch of his crew including Mik Ronson, Ava Cherry and Wayne County. No one knew exactly what to do with these videos,and they were playing in regional bars on special video jukebox machines called Scopatones.
So she put together a rock group and we shot four videos. We plunged into instant success with the videos playing at Danceteria, the Rock lounge, Privates, Trax, Le Mouche, Cartoon Alley and a bunch of others. When she opened at the Ritz, a crowd of over two thousand people showed up. They started the show projecting the videos on a huge Eidaphore screen. Then they raised the screen and there was the band. The crowd went insane. No on had ever done anything like this before. It was one of the greatest nights of my life, and all I did was watch.
Our lives were full, with me flying here and there to direct commercials like Juan Valdez and the Air Force, her singing one to three nights a week, and, of course, our little baby girl - always present.
When MTV started at the end of 1979 (or early 1980) they contacted us to show our videos. Only one was "acceptible" by the standards prevailing at the time - the others deemed too "racy". By todays standards they were extremely tame. Her group, the Bones, played on MTV in continual rotation for nine months. But we couldn't land a decent recording contract, and finally the pressures of our lives became too much, and she retired, sassy and successful.
If you'd like to see these videos, I've mounted them but you'll definitely need a high speed connnection and Windows Media Player 9 or better.

Second Generation of Rock and Roll - 1980

One of the first MTV videos. It played in continuous rotation for nine months.

Hot Love

Boy Whore

New Wave Lover